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What clothing do you need to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a tiny 'Dinghy with a lid'?

Our crew will need specialist and regular clothing for their Atlantic crossing; though due to the small size of the boat and storage at a premium, we will have to choose what we take on board carefully.

We will use good quality refurbished/last-season clothing where possible to maintain our green pledge. We are hoping to find sponsors and suppliers that might be able to help us.

Technical Clothing

  • Offshore/Ocean Sailing Jacket

  • Offshore/Ocean Sailing Trousers

  • Sailing Gloves (fingerless) + spare pair

  • Sailing Gloves + spare pair

Non-Technical Clothing

  • Shorts

  • Trousers

  • T-shirt

  • Long Sleeve Shirt

  • Fleece

  • Sun Hat (Wide Brim) + spare

  • Baseball Cap + spare

  • Warm (woolly hat)

  • Underwear

  • Polo Shirt (Smart shore wear)

  • Shorts (Smart shore wear)


  • Sailing boots

  • Sailing Shoes/Trainers


  • Sunglasses + spares

  • Spectacles + spares

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Lightweight fast-drying towel

  • Hat clip/retainer

  • Glasses Float/retainer

To wash our clothing our skipper will pack his Scrubba Wash Bag. It is a washer designed for Hotel and Travel Washing, it is light and small and can be rolled up for storage. We'll use it with eco and ocean-friendly laundry detergent and rationed fresh water from our desalinator (water maker).

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