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New Sponsor - Coppercoat Antifoul

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

We love working with our sponsors and partners. This week John-Kenneth received a parcel from Coppercoat UK, containing 3 litres of epoxy, copper power, other ingredients, and an instruction guide all ready for application to our Transatlantic Leisure 17.

We wanted to use Coppercoat on our boat hull as our main antifouling of choice for many reasons, so we got in contact with them and told them about our project.

Coppercoat is one of the most durable and long lasting anti-foul coating available. A single application commonly provides a high level of fouling protection for a decade or more. So it is going to be hard wearing for those many trips on and off of our trailer and getting shunted around boat yards. It is also very easy to clean fouling off the hull, a simple jet wash should be enough, whilst at sea we might go for a swim and use the rough side of a sponge to help keep the slime and nasties down. One of the other main reasons is its eco-friendly credentials. As we are keen on sustainable ocean friendly materials Coppercoat ticked a lot of boxes. You can read a lot more here:

Another benefit is that the multiple layers of epoxy will help protect our boat hull which has spent the summer drying out. We have almost finished filling and fairing the hull and topsides, so as soon as we have a good weather window we'll get the Coppercoat painted on and detail the process and how it went. To find out more about Coppercoat visit: Please tell them that you heard about them from SofaToSailboat!


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