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Sofa To Sailboat has teamed up with some of the worlds leading marine electronics manufacturers to combine new technologies to make the crossing using only renewable energy! Wind for the sails, and solar power for a rechargeable electric motor.

The motor will supplement the sails and will be able to run 'power neutral' during peak solar input. Solar panels will charge a dedicated battery and will be ready to give us a boost through 'motor sailing'. This will also hopefully cut about 3-7days off the estimated journey time, whilst testing some awesome new technology.


The motor will always have enough reserve battery left in case it is needed to manoeuvre the boat in an emergency, it will also allow for docking and carrying out pilotage safely on each side of the Atlantic.

The Green Pledge

From the conception of the project it was SofaToSailboat's aim to stay as ‘green’ as possible throughout the restoration, transport, during the ocean crossing, and afterwards.

Our pledge includes:

  • A considered selection of materials and equipment used in the restoration.

  • Safe and proper disposal of materials/chemicals/paints used during the restoration.

  • Try to work with manufacturers that have their own green and eco-friendly policies.

  • Use good quality second-hand equipment rather than buying new if possible.

  • Use a rechargeable electric motor as a source of secondary propulsion.

  • Use of natural renewable energy (solar/wind/hydro) for the boats charging systems.

  • Use of recyclable materials and try to avoid virgin single-use plastics.

  • Eco-friendly and no micro-beads or tiny plastics in washing and personal care products.

  • Leave no mark – Sort and store all rubbish until the end of the crossing to be disposed of / recycled responsibly at the destination port.

  • Carbon offsetting of any flights and boat transportation.

As part of making the project more environmentally sustainable, Sofa To Sailboat will be following the best practice guidance of The Green Blue, which is the joint environmental awareness programme created by the Royal Yachting Association, established in 2005 at the Southampton Boat Show.​

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