The Crew


The skipper is a health-retired 'blue light' emergency service volunteer, where teamwork, safety, and discipline was essential.


For approximately 35 days, he will test himself whilst battling storms, seasickness, tiny cramped quarters, dehydrated food rations, and isolation from his family and home comforts.


The expedition will be the ultimate test of his endurance. Hopefully, he'll still be talking to the Parrot when they make it to the Caribbean.

John-Kenneth D Habbershaw (Jnr.)

The Skipper


John-Kenneth 'JK' is 39 years old, he’s a Marine Surveyor, Marine Electrician, and the director of WillMyBoatFloat Ltd. based in Essex.


Since 2014 John-Kenneth has worked with Teams and Solo Ocean Rowers to get them safely across the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, many of them have set new world or race records in the process.


He grew up at the seaside and has always been around boats and water, he has been sailing independently for 12 years.

JK spent nine years as 'blue light' emergency service volunteer before retiring from service due to health.

Name The Parrot


  • 11 Months old

  • Bites

  • Ill-tempered and foul-mouthed

  • Leaves crumbs everywhere

  • Social Media emissary

  • Blue, Green, Yellow, and sounds like a carrot

  • Needs a name...