The Crew

IMG_0586 - Hollyoake LEFT Habbershaw RIG

We are two friends, and we'll have known each other 23 years when we set off across the Atlantic together. We have been through thick and thin, and we have probably seen the best and worst of each other!

We are both health-retired emergency service volunteers where teamwork, safety, and discipline was essential. For approximately 35 days we will test our friendship whilst also battling storms, seasickness, cramped quarters, dehydrated food rations, and isolation from our home comforts.


The expedition will be the ultimate test of friendship... hopefully, we'll still be talking when we arrive safely in the Caribbean.

John-Kenneth D Habbershaw Jnr
The Skipper


John-Kenneth 'JK' is 38 years old, he’s a Marine Surveyor, Marine Electrician, and the director of WillMyBoatFloat Ltd. based in Essex.


Since 2014 John-Kenneth has worked with Teams and Solo Ocean Rowers to get them safely across the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, many of them have set new world or race records in the process.


He grew up at the seaside and has always been around boats and water, he has been sailing independently for 12 years.

JK spent nine years as 'blue light' emergency service volunteer before retiring from service due to health.

Courtney W Hollyoake
First Mate


Courtney is 34 years old.


He has no sailing experience but is very keen to learn to ‘learn the ropes', he has started a program of RYA theory, practical and safety training so that he will be a confident and valuable ‘First Mate’.


He claims he has been on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride several times at Disneyland so considers himself to be a natural-born sailor... we'll see how he gets on!