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About 'Sofa To Sailboat'

About 'Sofa To Sailboat'


The expedition aims to raise £100,000 in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, Mind, MS-UK and St Helena Hospice (Colchester). These charities were chosen as each one has been there to support the crew, their loved ones and their families through difficult times.

The voyage is also being used as an opportunity to promote sustainable use of our oceans via the RYA/British Marine ‘Green Blue’ programme.

Click to find out how to support the causes.



During the winter of 2024, we'll use Poppet, a tiny 50-year-old recycled and upgraded boat, to cross 3000-miles of the Atlantic Ocean from The Canary Islands to the Caribbean.

The voyage is expected to take 30-40 days.


The Boat

Poppet is an early 1970's Leisure 17. She measures just 17ft x 7ft (5.2m x 2.1m), which is smaller than typical UK builders van. The quarters are incredibly cramped.


Poppet has been nicknamed the'dinghy with a lid' by supporters and by fellow sailors that have seen her in the boatyard.

Click here to find out more about Poppet and the Leisure 17 history.

The Voyage


Departure is aimed for winter 2024 from The Canary Islands, and the boat will be steered towards Antigua in the Caribbean. The crossing will be during the statistically safest weather window but still be at risk from unseasonable storms and weather.


There will be no internet; limited phone calls will be by satellite phone, and there will be email (text only) if possible. Meals will be from rehydrated ration packs; there is no refrigeration on board. There is a mechanical watermaker to turn seawater into a rationed drinking water supply; showers will be rare. The boat does not have a toilet... though it does have a bucket with foam padding!

Electronics and safety equipment are state of the art, equal to or exceeding requirements of more dangerous expeditions. The boat will have live satellite tracking for family, supporters and sponsors.

at map dis.png

The Cost

The expedition and boat equipment costs have been met by the skippers’ investment, from corporate sponsors, equipment loans, and from the generosity of private supporters.

To find out how to support the adventure and charities click here.

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