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The crew are finely tuned athletic machines (snigger) and will constantly feeding to maintain their morale and endurance.

Due to space being at a premium on our 'dinghy with a lid' during the Atlantic Ocean crossing, we have to choose what we take on board carefully.

There will be a mix of reheatable 'boil in the bag' camping meals, and specialist hydratable meal options. We'll combine these with everyday pantry items, which can be found at most supermarkets.

We will have no room for refrigeration on board, but we'll pick up some fresh fruit and produce locally at our departure port for consumption during our first few days at sea.

The only potable water onboard (apart from emergency rations) will come from our desalinator (water maker), which uses a high-pressure pump to force seawater through an incredibly fine filter member to give us fresh drinkable water. We'll use this for squash, and hot drinks.

We'll carry onboard some rationed 'snacks and treats' for when we are in our worst moods, and also for celebrating key events i.e. Christmas Day, New Years Eve, Half Way Point etc.

We need a full and varied pantry, and we are hoping to find sponsors and suppliers that might be able to help us.

Example Meal Plan:


Expedition Foods have provided a discount for our freeze dried meal options.

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