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North Essex Boat Jumble - October 2023

Thank you to the North Essex Boat Jumble team for our invitation.

We raised £114.00 for our charity collection, which will be passed on to Macmillan, Mind, MS-UK, and St Helena Hospice. Our running total is displayed on our donation page.

The charity donations included one from the owner of Little Green Self Storage, which has local self-storage and office space centres in the North Essex Region.

Held in Horsley Cross, Essex, the North Essex Boat Jumble featured Chandlery, Sailing and motor Boats, Fishing, Inflatables/Canoes, Windsurfing, Trailers, Private Boat jumble, Surfing, and R.N.L.I. Safety.

We look forward to supporting this event in the future.

We will cross the Atlantic from The Canary Islands to the Caribbean during winter 2024/25.

Please Consider Making a Sponsorship or Donation to our project at

Poppet our Leisure 17 on display at North Essex Boat Jumble
North Essex Boat Jumble 2023


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