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Our Batteries - 'Essential' LiFePO4 12V 100ah from Aceleron Energy

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

We are very pleased to introduce Aceleron Energy of Birmingham (UK) are one of our latest equipment sponsors. Aceleron Energy will be providing us with two of their 12v 100ah 'Essential' LiFePO4 batteries for our Atlantic Crossing in our tiny boat.

We approached Aceleron as we heard about their batteries from one of their distributors, Barden UK. We were impressed by their specification and their green credentials.

These batteries can be discharged to almost 0% without permanent damage to the batteries (though it will shorten their life), and they weigh 15.5kg, that is nearly half that of comparable AGM lead-acid units. The advantage of this is that for size, space, and weight on our tiny boat we can double our power reserves. We would have had 2 x 85agm batteries which can only be practically discharged to 42.5ah each, and would have weighed twice as much. The 2 x Aceleron 100ah Essential batteries will give us up to three days reserve of power for our lights, navigation, and watermaking equipment without any input from our solar panels or wind generator. They are ideal for our tiny boat, and would also be a good choice for our friends in the Ocean Rowing community, as well as other users interested in 'off-grid', campers, caravans etc.

The batteries are produced in the UK and have CE and Intertek’s UN38.3 certification, as well as UL compliance. We are following 'The Green Blue' project, so the environmental impact of our journey and our equipment is important to us. Sustainability is part of the core ethos at Aceleron. Their unique method of battery manufacture means that their batteries are fully serviceable, lowering their environmental impact and increasing their lifespan. To complete their circular model, they offer a buy-back scheme where customers can take back their ‘end of life’ batteries for a percentage discount from their next battery purchase. That way Aceleron can ensure that it’s taken care of correctly – reuse the good bits and recycle the rest.

We presently have one of the batteries on display at WillMyBoatFloat's electronics showroom in Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex, UK. You can read more about Aceleron Energy's batteries here:

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