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The 250 Club (Ultimate Swag Bundle)

The 250 Club (Ultimate Swag Bundle)

Join the Limited Edition 250 Club

As a supporter of the 250 club you will get the following benefits:

1 x I'll make a £50 Donation split between our charities on your behalf
1 x Gold vinyl Individual Name/Family Sticker Sticker on the boat hull (design might change)


2 x T-Shirts
2 x Limited Eddition Supporter Stickers
1 x Limited Eddition Keyring, Magnet, and a Bottle Opener
2 x Pens
1 x Thank's on Website
1 x Personal ‘Thank You’ Letter/Postcard
1 x 5 minute Mid-Atlantic Call from our Satellite Phone!
1 x Free Delivery

I will contact you to confirm swag sizes/colours etc.

Thank You

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