In December 2021 two friends, both health-retired emergency service volunteers will sail their 'dinghy with a lid', a tiny 50-year-old 'Leisure 17' boat unassisted across the Atlantic Ocean in  aid of their favourite charities:

The pair of brave sailors have teamed up with manufacturers to combine new technologies to make the crossing using only renewable energy! Wind for their sails, and solar power from a rechargeable electric motor.

When Courtney was asked to join the adventure he had never set foot on a sailing boat before... 
the ‘Sofa To Sailboat’ name was born. 


We have a busy time ahead of us. We are refurbishing our boat 'Poppet' from a bare hull, fundraising in aid of our favourite charities, working with our sponsors, and getting Courtney (the inexperienced landlubber) shipshape.

Our journey has begun. Join us!

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Total raised in aid of our charities (including Gift Aid) so far



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Friends for over 20 years and both retired emergency service volunteers. 

  • 37

  • Marine Surveyor & Marine Electrician

  • 10+ years of sailing experience

  • Since 2014 has worked with teams and solo ocean rowers who combined have set more than 10 new world records.

  • 34

  • Skills Trainer

  • No sailing experience

  • Has been on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride several times at Disneyland so considers himself to be a natural-born sailor.

Courtney W Hollyoake

John-Kenneth D Habbershaw Jnr



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