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Crew Update - Now A Solo Adventure

Being the Skipper of the boat brings good, bad, and sad responsibilities. But, unfortunately, on this occasion, it is one of the sad ones I must perform.

It is my duty to announce that the boat's First Mate, Courtney W Hollyoake, is no longer part of the 'Sofa To Sailboat' fundraising expedition. This is due to circumstances in his personal life. The decision has come after a long period of consideration about what is best for the project and for the crew individually and as a whole.

I am now adjusting plans to carry out the 3000-mile Atlantic Ocean 'dinghy with a lid' as a solo sailor, accompanied by the social media emissary (the stuffed, ill-tempered, foul-mouthed parrot).

As SofaToSailboat gets closer to its departure date, I'll be meeting some of our sponsors at Seawork (June 21-23rd) in Southampton and reaching out to the rest by email shortly to update them on this latest news.

Although I'll temporarily be keeping a seat open for Courtney to return to adventure; if crossing the Atlantic in a tiny boat to raise £100,000 for charity is something you would be interested in, please reach out to 'JK' at

There will be training and fitting out commitments in the next six months ahead in preparation for the Winter 2022 departure, as well as a financial commitment for essential training, safety and personal equipment, flights, insurance etc. You'll also need a gross sense of humour, eclectic music taste, and guts of steel.

Thank You

JK D. HABBERSHAW Jnr. (The Skipper)

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