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Goodbye 2020 - S.O.S

It's Christmas Eve and all through the boatyard, not a small boat was stirring...

Well, 2020 does not take much to explain.... we've all lived through it and we have no doubt that it has not affected you, even if in just a tiny way. In January 2020 when we started the project we had no idea just what the year ahead had in store for us. 2020 has been cruel, and in recent news one of the crewmates has today (Christmas Eve) has tested positive for COVID19, and he now has to spend Christmas Day alone unable to travel to or see his family whilst feeling extra thoroughly unwell.

JK and Courtney managed to get together for a meeting a few weeks ago in our part of T2 Essex (soon to be T4 as of Boxing Day) and we worked through sheets and sheets of planning, parts lists, fundraising, diary dates etc. We have accepted that we can no longer go it alone and will need to seek out more corporate sponsors to help us get across the Atlantic in our 'dinghy with a lid'.

The COVID19 pandemic has seriously affected our planning, preparation, sponsorship campaign and our charity fundraising, but we have persevered and have done the very best that we could have done to the point of exhaustion. Unfortunately, we are now about nine months behind on the project from where we want to be and the beginning of 2021 does not look great. We need YOUR help so that we can maintain our course and stay on track for our December 2021 expedition. Please please please if you are able to spare a few pounds which you usually would have spent in the pub on Christmas Eve, please send a few to our charities directly at or via

You can also support us at Sponsor Us / Shop

Our online fundraising has raised £1450 for our charities to date, well short of the eventual £50,000 which we are hoping for. All of our 2020 physical fundraising events were cancelled, as well as the presentations and other events we had planned.

Thank you & SEA'sons Greetings.


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