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Micro-Cruising Boat Selection

When looking for the project boat I spent many hours researching successful voyages of tiny boats and designs that have a history of making long-distance cruises and ocean crossings. This involved a lot of searching forums, books, press articles, owners clubs etc.

I also spent a lot of time reading biographies of small boat sailors, and technical books on the matter of offshore sailing and cruising.

The features I was mainly concentrating on were:

· History of having completed a long cruise/ocean crossing

· Storage Capacity

· Availability

· Price

· Owners Clubs / Information

· Spares

· Construction Material

· Ease of adaption/repair

Some of my production shortlisted boats included:

· Cobramould Leisure 17 (the boat which was ultimately chosen and purchased)

· Mirror Offshore

· Hunter 19

· Hurley Silhouette

· Hurley 18

· Hurley Alacrity 19

· Newbridge Corribee


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