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YB Tracking Data

YB Tracking Data

Sponsor an item of essential equipment.


We are working with YB Tracking to have a live map on our website for our followers and safety, but there are some costs associated with the unit, which we will have on loan from them.

The Yellow Brick tracker will allow followers and families to track the boat and progress for the entire trip across the Atlantic. It will also allow sending of distress messages.


We have a list of essential safety and mechanical equipment needed to cross the Atlantic Ocean. We are trying to source most of this from suppliers/manufacturers using discounts and goods in kind, but it's a pretty long list!

For any sponsored item, we will include your name on the boat hull Sofa To Sailboat logo.

At Check-out, it may require your address details; this is for the payment system to function.


Sponsored items will be purchased and supplied to Sofa To Sailboat directly.

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