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Captains Log 04/12/2020

Charity Fundraising November has been a tough month. There has not been much gain on our total simply because avenues for physical collections and fundraising are being cancelled due to COVID19 and lockdowns. We have to date still managed to raise £1,263.32 (including Giftaid) via our friends, family, and website visitors. We are way behind where we want to be, but we are keeping all our fingers and toes crossed for a better 2021, we are aiming to have raised £50,000+ once we have finished our Atlantic Adventure. You can donate here:

Boat Work

The drop in temperature (it's snowing here today) and the most recent 'lockdown' have prevented us doing much on the boat in the past few weeks. 'Poppet' does have a temporary winter home now inside a shipping container which we can just about squeeze in and out of to do some of the internal structural work. The paint and exterior will have to wait until spring now when it is warmer and the humidity drops. We may still look for a temporary heated barn or workshop to get the painting work done before March, and we'll do most of the interior work that we can now. We have been working on some other parts of the boat though, the electronics system design is all but complete, we are making a new laminated tiller, and a new beefed-up skeg and rudder are due to be delivered next week.

Project Sponsorship

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our existing sponsors and some new ones. Without them, all our work so far would have been impossible.

We still need corporate sponsors and manufacturers to help us with Electronics, Personal Safety Equipment, Transport, Running Rigging, and general Chandlery/Boaty equipment. We have various sponsorship packages available.

Personal sponsors can find out more here:

Corporate sponsors can find out more here:

Thank You!


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