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Launching Winter 2023/24

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

With the support of my sponsors and family, the crossing will now take place in Winter 2023/24, a year later than planned.

Since last month when SofaToSailboat became a solo adventure, and my workload doubled, I have been working furiously to keep the project on target for the Atlantic crossing in December this year.

I have given my best effort and press-ganged fellow boat owners at Titchmarsh Marina to help me. Still, I have realised that there is not enough time to prepare the boat, fundraise, and fully represent the project sponsors and beneficiaries to the extent I wish in the next six months without compromising my and the vessel's safety.

My corporate sponsors have mostly been supportive, and I am still working on getting Poppet ready for the water before Winter 2022. The extension will allow an entire season of solo sea trials and fundraising with the boat around the UK during 2023 before I set sail across the Atlantic.

Since becoming a solo expedition, SofaToSailboat has negatively impacted my physical and mental health, work and family life; I have had to take back control. I hope you will support my decision to delay the expedition an extra year, on top of the delays caused by the COVID Pandemic. However, I am resolute to cross the Atlantic Ocean in my' dinghy with a lid' to raise £100,000 in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, Mind, MS-UK and St Helena Hospice (Colchester).

I am still considering taking on a new crewmate for the winter 2023/24 adventure.

John-Kenneth' J-K' D Habbershaw Jnr. The Skipper.

Please donate to my charities (with GiftAid):


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