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New Crew Member & Supporter

There is no denying it... 2020 was a really cr**py year for most of us... but there is one good thing to come out of it... the Sofa To Sailboat project has a brand crew member and supporter on the way!

John-Kenneth would like to break the news that the lastest crew member is due to be arriving on dry-land in June 2021. Though our new teammate and supporter wont be able to join JK and first-mate Courtney onboard Poppet (our dinghy with the lid) during the December 2021 3000-mile Atlantic crossing, 'baby' and Sarah H (J-K's wife) will hopefully be able to greet J-K at the finish line for a huge cuddle after being apart for 4-6 weeks!

THANK YOU - From the Sofa To Sailboat Crew

If you would like to find out more about donating to our charities, or sponsoring our adventure please visit the following pages: Our Charities/ Sponsor Us/ Shop


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