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October 1st 2020 - Captains Log

It's roughly 14 months until we are due to set sail across the Atlantic. The last six months during the Covid-19 pandemic have seems to have flown by. We find ourselves now able to work on the boat again and meet up properly to discuss the project. We are urgently working on getting 'Poppet' watertight and ready for the 2020/21 winter where JK will be concentrating on the internal works and electronics prior to launching in Spring 2021 for a summer of testing and trials prior to the Atlantic Crossing. Charity and Project Sponsorship have all but dried up. We guess people and businesses are finding hard to spare 'that little extra' to help us and our charities. All of our 2020 fundraising event have been cancelled by the hosts due to C19, some of our corporate sponsors are backing out. Personally we are more worried about this, than the actual Atlantic Crossing. Though the good news is that with just online campaigning and via friends and family we have still managed to raise in excess of £1000.00 (including giftaid) for Macmillan Cancer Support, MIND, MS-UK, and St Helena Hospice. We are persevering with our fundraising efforts and looking into new avenues of collection such as SMS collection, and contactless unattended donations points. Hopefully by the end of October 'Poppet' will be on display with new signage and a collection facilities. Remember with the pubs closed, holidays cancelled, and coffeeshops enforcing social distancing if you could spare us a few pounds we, and our charities will be so very grateful. We also have our online shop where you can 'Sponsor a Mile', join our supporters club, and even have your name or a loved ones included on the boats artwork.

Thank you for supporting us.


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