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S.O.S - Save Our Sanity

Dear Supporters,

We are writing to you today with an urgent and heartfelt request.

Our ambitious journey is now on the horizon. Still, we are facing unforeseen challenges that threaten to halt our fundraising expedition, which is in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, Mind, MS-UK and St Helena Hospice. In just four months, in December 2023, we will sail on our tiny 17ft sailboat, Poppet, to cross the vast Atlantic Ocean.

Regrettably, some existing long-standing equipment and service providers have let us down at the last minute, leaving us with critical funding and equipment gaps.

We had always set out to fund the expedition primarily using commercial sponsorship and personal investment, but we are reaching out to our amazing community for your generous support to make this journey across the Atlantic a reality. We are incredibly grateful for the sponsors who have stuck with us through COVID and the changing economic climate and kept their promises.

We have hit a shortfall with:

  • A solar rechargeable electric motor to push our boat when the wind is still and to move us out of the way of anything dangerous quickly and safely.

  • Vital communications equipment to keep you updated about our progress.

  • Self-steering mechanisms to navigate the vast waters and use our electrical power efficiently for water making and communications.

  • Specialist dehydrated food supplies to sustain us.

  • Technical weather clothing to protect us from the elements.

  • Essential first aid equipment for any unforeseen emergencies.

  • Outbound container/trailer transport to reach our starting point in The Canary Islands.

  • Groceries and loose items

If you know of or work for any companies in any field (local or national) that may be interested in sponsoring our campaign, please let us know with an introduction so that we can get in touch with the right people to make the decisions to help us. We have a range of media and publicity opportunities in return.

Alternatively, we understand that times are tough and sincerely appreciate any amount you can contribute. Every penny donated will be a significant step towards achieving our goal and bring us closer to turning this extraordinary journey in aid of our favourite charities.

Your support will ensure that Poppet carries us safely across the Atlantic and that we can face whatever challenges come our way.

We feel that the hardest part of our Atlantic crossing in our miniature boat has been the preparation and that six hungry weeks 1500 miles offshore in 20ft waves will be nothing compared to some of the stresses we have been facing recently. This is on top of maintaining our usual work/life balance with our colleagues, friends, and families.

At zero cost to you, please share our cause with your friends, family, and social circles to help us spread the word and rally more support.

Please visit our website to donate directly and learn more about our project. We also have an online supporters store at

To learn more about our adventures and donate to our charities, visit

Fair winds and heartfelt gratitude,

JK Habbershaw - Skipper

Farris Collins - Firstmate

The SofaToSailboat Crew


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