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Visit to MS-UK

It’s been a busy week at the SofaToSailboat project. I have been busy speaking to our charities, suppliers and measuring up ‘Poppet’ our Leisure 17 for various bits and parts.

The highlight so far this week was a visit to the MS-UK charity headquarters in Colchester. MS-UK is one the charities that we are raising funds in aid of. I met their fundraising team and had a tour of their wonderful facility to learn more about what they do and how they help suffers of Multiple sclerosis (MS).

MS-UK is a national charity that was in formed 1993. They are there for people affected by multiple sclerosis – that’s around 130,000 people in the UK or one in every 500, with about 130 people diagnosed every week on average.

To learn more about MS-UK please visit their website

SofaToSailboat will be sailing 3000-miles across the Atlantic ocean in a tiny 17ft sailboat to raise money in aid of MS-UK and other selected charities. Please consider donating to them directly via our fundraising page CLICK HERE.


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