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Why... Why are you doing this?

Updated: May 31, 2022

We are often asked, "Why... Why are you doing this?" Our back story...

In 2020 the skipper, ('JK'), had to retire from his volunteer work with the emergency services due to ill health, but he still wanted to continue giving something back to his community. Inspired by the ocean rowers that he has spent seven years working with, he created the 'Sofa To Sailboat' project with the help of one of his best friends, Courtney*, who has no sailing experience (yet). (find out more about the crew here)

Using JK's experience and consultancy knowledge we are doing something daring which we hope will continue to inspire others, something that will capture the imagination and attention of sailors and landlubbers everywhere... we are crossing 3000-miles of the Atlantic in a 50-year old recycled boat, not much bigger than an estate car! For our favourite charities:

Macmillan Cancer Support, Mind, MS-UK, and St Helena Hospice. Our charities are all very special to us, each one was chosen because they have helped either of us personally through difficult times, or provided care for someone that we love. The hard physical and mentally draining work that they do every day motivates us to carry out our extreme adventure.

We hope that you, our fans, our 'shore crew', and the people that follow our brave adventure will learn about the work that our charities carry out, and about the sustainable use of our oceans.

We need YOUR help, our charities are struggling

Please consider sponsoring us:

Put YOUR NAME on our boat: Business Sponsors, please email us:

Please share our adventure with your friends, family, business contacts. The more people we can engage, the greater we can support our charities.


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